Financial Services

EU Wealth Management

Eu wealth management, Spanish mortgages, local banking account services
and financial advisory in general.

Fiscal Services

Our fiscal service draws a plan for you to follow the best chronological order to handle international changes of personal and business residency and all local tax questions.


Independent taxation report informs you and us ahead of negociations. the fair
value and it helps us in negociating the lowest price for you.

Insurance services

Our insurance services assist you with all business and private insurances.
Our portfolio include all forms of insurances, ranging from life to houses and

Real Estate

Real Estate Service

Our real estate service provides you with the specific house that you desire.
We have the most advanced search engines covering the entire housing
market plus a skilled team of Spanish insiders who know of any unlisted
exclusive properties first hand.

We invite you to point out to us what you expect of new home so we can make a selection for you to exceed your

Relocation and Residency

Relocation Services

Our relocation service takes care of all aspects: emmigration assistance (
legal, fiscal and practical Do’s and Don’ts) Removal companies, car
export/import, immigration services (legal, fiscal and practical Do’s and
Don’ts) On the spot services (safe private parking, hotels, etcetera)

Legal Services

Our legal services comprise specialized lawyes for all legal frameworks, such
as checking property registers, contracts, family law and incorporating

Emigration/Immigration services

Our emigration and immigration service assist you with all necessary personal
and/or business legal documents, from residency forms, drivers’ licenses to
business administration and accountancy.